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Nixon at this point still counted on the public to back him outbecause of some that doubted his involvement. While they were searching for info. Congress had also passed the 26th amendment to the Constitution allowing eighteen-year-Olds to vote.

Magruder, was not charged or indicted because he thought the money was being used to get information about radicals and protesters who may try to disrupt the Republican National Convention.

He was also charged for accepting bribes and exchanging for political favors.

The second said that he used Government Agencies to violate the Constitution of the U. Such as when he fired two of his aides, Bob Haldeman and John Ehrlichwan, because they were on the line of being charged for the crimes.

When Nixon had no possible way of protecting the White House staff he fired them. Nixon was always worried about govt. James McCord, one of the burglarsgave shocking evidence. Also involved, and indicted were G.

Many large corporations went along.

Essay/Term paper: The watergate affair

A decision came out a couple of days after the vote for Nixon to release the tapes that involved the Watergate. As a result, the Democratic Convention was the first to include large numbers of woman, minorities, and young people among the delegates. Last week, Franklin B.

I will primarily concentrate on the negative impact that media coverage had to the publics eye. This massive event was known as the Saturday Night Massacre. Daniel Ellsberg, a former employeegave the documents to the paper.

Watergate was connected to Vietnam, it eventually exposed a long series of illegal activities in the Nixon administration. For years Nixon was carrying on the crimes and they were not noticed until now.

Congress, however, remained under Democratic control.Watergate and Politics essaysA defining moment in American history, the Watergate scandal, dramatically transformed the way Americans view politicians and government. In the eyes of most Americans, trust, honor and integrity, vanished from the political landscape.

For almost years the Americ. Watergate illustrates weakness of politics as governments must be made Watergate on Politics 6. to be representative and responsible. The country was losing a democracy as people broke out in the streets protesting against the Vietnam war.

The Watergate Scandal Essay Examples. 33 total results. Account of the Administration of Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal. 2, words. 5 pages. An Analysis of the Watergate Scandal in America. 1, words. 3 pages. A Report on the Watergate Scandal.

2, words. 5 pages. The Watergate Scandal. The Watergate Scandal – Essay Sample On June 17,there were five indicted for breaking in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington.

There were seven men, and two of them were former White House aides.

Essay: The Watergate Scandal

Free Essay: June 17, forever changed both journalism and politics. A simple botched break-in marked the downfall of President Richard Nixon, and the. The Impact Of The Watergate Scandal.

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Watergate on politics essay
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