Transactional communication model essay

In my experience, I had to ensure that I would get to deal with the psychological problems that the experience created. I felt that the words were incorrect. This, then, calls for psychological preparation so that one is able to face the situation at hand in a whole Transactional communication model essay way.

It is important, therefore, that one ensures that the receiver is in a position to get the message Balmudpp. Many conversations are based on assumptions from past experiences, Researcher, Adelbert Ames, Jr.

I could also have used incorrect language and words in the very moment of anger and disappointment. Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

Communication calls for any given person to be accurate and precise Balmudpp. The transactional model is the most general model of communication. I had anticipated some of the questions, while some were totally unexpected. From the three models of communication, the significant one is the transactional model, so we have selected that model fro our discussion and we have also provided how this model of communication can best fit in our daily communication practices.

I realized that poor communication is very expensive. Transactional model relates communication to social reality of an individual or a group of people in social, cultural and relational contexts. Noise in communication can be either external or internal. To maximize their communication, my friend needs to get used to listening to people with such accent or he needs to speak a bit slowly until my friend has understood what he says.

Their responses cannot be predicted because they all have different backgrounds and mental conditions. Analysis of the situation Having been in the business for long, I had never figured out that management would change. Communication, as I had assumed, could have never been hindered.

The other factor I had to consider was the fact that the audience had changed. This is possible through the presence of feedback which allows both communicators to make some adjustments on the strategy or manner of sending and receiving messages.

A communication that is transactional happens simultaneously between the sender and the receiver. It changes the communication pattern of a person. For example, when many people are talking at the same time in a meeting, the objective of the meeting will not be fulfilled.

Transactional Model of Communication

Faced with this, I withdrew much of the information I wanted to convey. Solution to the problem Following the poor communication that occurred that day, I had to get another session to convey the message that I meant to on that specific day.

I did not have the exact words to approach the situation. The manager in charge of supplies was new to me. A person talks with an old friend differently than a stranger. I had to present the information in a way that the supplies management could understand. In transactional model, efficiency and reliability of communicated message also depends on the medium used.

This means that the communication taking place affects all aspects of a person. I believe that he jumped into the conclusion of who I was.

Transactional Model Of Communication

Communication needs a lot of preparation Schrammpp. The meeting took a short time.

Manners take the role of communication when it is with strangers. Lastly, no communication, especially transactional ones, is without any noise.

She just met him through a social networking site online. To ensure that people get good feedback every time they are passing across any information is of great importance. Feedback is an important component in the communication process, especially in interpersonal communication as it gives a space to clarify misunderstandings.

Although I was happy to see her and talk to her after a long while, I felt somehow uncomfortable the whole time we were together.Transactional Model of communication shows that the elements in communication are interdependent. We will write a custom essay sample on Models of Communication specifically for you for only $ $/page.

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Transactional Model of Communication Essay

´╗┐Jennifer Young SPCH February 5, Reflection Paper 1 Transactional Communication Model Communication is unique in the fact that what you intend to relay through your message, the verbal or nonverbal relay of information, may not be the meaning, or understanding the receiver interprets.

Transactional Model of Communication Essay - TC or transactional communication has four key factors, simultaneous communication, multidimensional communication, time factor, and the noise factor.

In the following essay, I will look at what the key factors are and give some examples of how they work in my life. Buy custom Transactional Model of Communication essay Communication is an act of passing information from one person to another.

It is important, therefore, that one ensures that the receiver is in a position to get the message (Balmudpp.


Transactional communication model essay
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