The poetical works of john milton

He sorrows now, repents, and prayes contrite, 90 My motions in him, longer then they move, His heart I know, how variable and vain Self-left. Therefore to his great bidding I submit. Yet be it less or more, or soon or slow.

That all this good of evil shall produce, And evil turn to good; more wonderful Then that which by creation first brought forth Light out of darkness! Wilhelm Bernhardi — mit Anm.

John Milton

To whom thus Michael. He lookd and saw a spacious Plaine, whereon Were Tents of various hue; by some were herds Of Cattel grazing: Now therefore bend thine eare 30 To supplication, heare his sighs though mute; Unskilful with what words to pray, let mee Interpret for him, mee his Advocate And propitiation, all his works on mee Good or not good ingraft, my Merit those Shall perfet, and for these my Death shall pay.

Adam was all in tears, and to his guide Lamenting turnd full sad; O what are these, Deaths Ministers, not Men, who thus deal Death Inhumanly to men, and multiply Ten thousand fould the sin of him who slew His Brother; for of whom such massacher Make they but of thir Brethren, men of men?

And now what further shall ensue, behold. The brood of folly without father bred, How little you bested, Or fill the fixed mind with all your toyes; Dwell in som idle brain And fancies fond with gaudy shapes possess, As thick and numberless As the gay motes that people the Sun Beams, Or likest hovering dreams The fickle Pensioners of Morpheus train.

Is this the way I must return to native dust? O Prophet of glad tidings, finisher Of utmost hope! Michaels coming down, Adam shews to Eve certain ominous signs; he discerns Michaels approach, goes out to meet him: There let Hymen oft appear In Saffron robe, with Taper clear, And pomp, and feast, and revelry, With mask, and antique Pageantry, Such sights as youthfull Poets dream On Summer eeves by haunted stream.

This this is she To whom our vows and wishes bend, Heer our solemn search hath end. Meadows trim with Daisies pide, Shallow Brooks, and Rivers wide.

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God from the Mount of Sinai, whose gray top Shall tremble, he descending, will himself In Thunder Lightning and loud Trumpets sound Ordaine them Lawes; part such as appertaine To civil Justice, part religious Rites Of sacrifice, informing them, by types And shadowes, of that destind Seed to bruise The Serpent, by what meanes he shall achieve Mankinds deliverance.

I at first with two fair gifts Created him endowd, with Happiness And Immortalitie: Must I thus leave thee Paradise? The Ark no more now flotes, but seems on ground Fast on the top of som high mountain fixt.

Michael, this my behest have thou in charge, Take to thee from among the Cherubim Thy choice of flaming Warriours, least the Fiend Or in behalf of Man, or to invade Vacant possession som new trouble raise:John Milton Poetical Works Vol 2 Only John milton wikipedia, john milton (9 december 8 november ) was an english poet, polemicist, man of letters, and civil servant for the commonwealth of england under its council of state and later under oliver cromwellhe wrote at a time.

The poetical works of John Milton. by Milton, John, Publication date Publisher London: Dent & Sons. Collection kellylibrary; toronto. Digitizing sponsor MSN. Contributor Kelly - University of Toronto. Language English. Bibliography, p.

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1 Volume Complete. Full leather binding! Fronstispiece of Milton with tissue guard and illustration on the title page! Inscription on front endpaper.

pages. Full bound leather with gilt lettering.

The Poetical Works Of John Milton by John Milton

Gold text block trim. Contains illustrated plates.

The poetical works of John Milton

Mostly clean pages with light tanning and foxing to endpapers and page edges. Cracked hinge with binding remaining firm, and a few small nicks to t. The poetical works of John Milton from the text of Dr. Newton; with the life of the author anda Critique on 'Paradise lost' Cooke's ed. by John Milton.

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The poetical works of john milton
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