Tektronix inc global erp implementation management essay

It was difficult see the financial reports as well as where the cost could be cut. More essays like this: What is your overall assessment of the Tektronix ERP project? The business process must be modified to fit the system. The concept of waves was important: The steering committee set out the overarching guidelines to which the system needed to adhere in order to be successful.

Roll out started with one country US after that was successful with key region in Europe and than in larger waves that were implemented more or less together Big bang implantation only for smaller companies with lower complexity or in strongly centralized organization. This allowed a continuous learning process and the independent implementation for the three business divisions.

The company was split into 3 divisions: They were able to connect the needs with all team and follow up the implementation of the system. It is crucial understand how it works, its features and how it can fit, empower and change the business company. We will write a custom essay sample on Tektronix Global Erp Implementation or any similar topic only for you We will write a custom essay sample on Tektronix Global Erp Implementation.

Their leadership was crucial because they have the right vision for implementation of the new system. The project team included strong leaders of each business division and Neun was given unlimited authority on the implementation.

This process allowed them to stay focus and to implement the ERP in the most efficient way possible. Below some challenges and initiative found during the implementation: There are enormous costs of implementation. Project implementation Risks were reduced by implementation of the ERP in several waves.

Tektronix Global Erp Implementation

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Project organization and management To implement these major changes, each of the three divisions had its own worldwide implementation of Order Management.

A key enabler was the implementation of a enterprise resource planning ERP to standardize the information technology IT infrastructure as well as financial system.

Tektronix implemented the ERP in many waves. The company created a steering committe to address those issues. There were many application systems around the world and the company lacked accurate information and integration between the systems.

They never lost track and after implementation were able to improve several processes.

Tektronix, Inc.: Global Erp Implementation Essay Sample

They worked together with several consulting and service firms and contributed different task according to the expertise provides by these firms.

Establish an implementation plan and give support of team leaders is another key issue to the business success. The results will be reached. With a big bang implementation the company looses some of the flexibility of the wave approach and faces higher risks.

The company had now capacity to grow its business substantially, business process benefited from increased efficiency and standardization, there was better visibility into customer and products than ever before. The organizational behavior should be structured to adapt the new system.

In addition, Tektronix recognized its own limitations and outsourced the whole implementation process. Also there was a more flexible scheduling allowing extended development periods for the individual divisions when required.

Because of improvement of data integration the financial analysis were more reliable. Moreover, complexity was strongly reduced and transparency increased, which allowed reducing overall costs. Starting with the division of the lowest complexity allowed later waves to profit from that earlier experience when implementing their special needs.

Why did Tektronix implement ERP in stages? Each wave delivered a specific functionality for a particular division or geographic region. The operation of the business could be better manageable.

How should a company decide on implementing in stages or going big-bang?An essay or paper on Tektronix, Inc. Global ERP Implementation: Three Questions and Answers. Global ERP Implementation: Three Questions & Answers One: Why did Tektronix implement ERP in stages?

How should a company decide between a staged implementation vs. a big bang implementation? Tektronix im. Tektronix Inc Global Erp Implementation Information Technology Essay. Print This essay evaluates the global ERP implementation at Tektronix, a manufacturer of electronic test equipments.

A detailed budgeting and ROI analysis would have put a control on the cash outflow for the implementation. Top management support and. Tektronix, Inc.: Global ERP Implementation Business Context/Key Business Drivers • Tektronix, Inc.

was founded in as a maker of electronic testing equipment. In Tektronix had grown to be a $ billion manufacturer of electronic tools and devices. The implementation approach followed by Tektronix was probably the best risk management initiative itself because the global deployment was done in a logical order to reduce disruptive changes and to increase the learning and feedback.

Insufficient skilled resources to develop and maintain the system. Tektronix – Global ERP Implementation. Losing track of schedule – project taking too long such that it loses momentum.

Hence the management should evaluate the level of autonomy in the organization after this implementation. hence there should have been a return on 1/5(1). Below is an essay on "Tektronix, Inc.: Global Erp Implementation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Business context Tektronix, Inc. is a US based company with presence in 60 countries dedicated to make electronic tools for test equipment.

Tektronix inc global erp implementation management essay
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