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This was probably the strongest ski I tested. Light or tentative riders.

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Lighter skiers may get overpowered. Racers, or skiers who want to feel like they are. The S9 dares you to lay it over, inviting you to see how long your legs can handle putting maximum effort into each turn.

Again, technically weak skiers. Start your wall sits now. Type A personalities who like to turn, and with authority. Rosemount ceased production around I could lean on the S9 durning the turn and feel the energy build -- absolutely exhilarating. The S9 is one of two Atomic frontside skis that were in my Top 5 of this test.

Black Diamond Equipment and Scarpa began a partnership in that ended in Nordica pioneered use of the removable, customizable innerboot. Successful during the s, mis-steps during the early s led to their bankruptcy in All New Drahtguy Kevin: Afterthey were a must-have for racers, and rapidly took over the market.

Fit and enthusiastic frontside skiers. Click in and hang on. Also produces skis and other equipment today. Italy Nordica was formed in Montebelluna, the center of Italian ski boot manufacturing to this day.

Sold to Jarden Corp. Lightweight couch potatoes; this ski rewards skill, or strength, or preferably both. Who is it for? France Introduced the famed SX series of rear-entry boots inand was a major success through the s.

Can still be skied by mere mortals, though. Purchased by Daiwa and continues to exist in Japan. Strong skiers who can bend a ski.

Italy Formed in Montebelluna in to produce leather work boots, the company introduced the Moon Boot for apres-ski.

I love it when a plan comes together. Who is it not for? Entered the plastic ski boot market infollowing the lead set by Lange. At 68mm underfoot and a The S9 on hard snow is just a scalpel, a precise instrument that makes a magnificent tight turn when put up on edge.

United States Another contender for title of "first plastic boot", Rosemount was an all-fibreglass shell with a unique side-opening design. Part of the Tecnica Group. Bass, then the United States distributor for Raichle.

I usually traverse groomers with a grin-and-bear-it attitude, but the S9 made them a flipping hoot! The S9 is a carve machine, supremely stable, quiet, smooth, precise, energetic, and fill in the blank with any other term befitting this Ferrari of skis.

They followed this with their first ski boots in Pay attention as the S9 will push back. Try the Redster X7 if you find this ski a bit too much.

Was in the process of introducing a rear-entry model in when they were purchased by G. What an exciting ski!alpine skis, ski jumping skis, cross-country skis, twin tips, ski boots, bindings, snowboards: France: Introduced one of the first successful all-round fibreglass ski designs.

Built a major conglomerate in the s, including Rossignol, Dynastar, Lange, Look, Kerma and other brands.

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Welcome to the official site of Atomic International. Here you can find out more about our products as well as information on our athletes. Atomic skis have been a household name in the skiing community since the company was founded in by Alois Rohrmoser.

A great influx of demand saw Atomic producing approximately 17, pairs of skis between and and then increased to 35, pairs of Atomic skis inand then 72, in Atomic Skis Preview Written by Matt McDonald | January 27, | Read more Gear Insight, Gear Preview Matt McDonald is a freelance outdoor/travel writer whose work has appeared in Mountain and Outside magazines.

Atomic Cloud – the winning concept for women’s skis December 04, Ten years ago, the devoted skier Maria Pichler created the original concept for women´s Atomic Cloud skis, and has developed it further since then.

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Standard business reporting atomic skis
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