Singlish is alive and vibrant

A list of Singlish terms and expressions widely used in Singapore is set out below. Letters contributed to the forum of The Straits Timesthe main local newspaper, by readers have called for Singlish to be kept alive in Singapore.

Thus, the government has made an effort to quash the use of Singlish and to promote the use of standard English through the Speak Good English Movement over the past few years.

The idea of promoting Singlish was raised as part of a larger debate on creating a uniquely Singaporean identity. Word origins[ edit ] Singlish vocabulary formally takes after British English in terms of spelling and abbreviationsalthough naming conventions are in a mix of American and British ones with American ones on the rise.

In a website, A Dictionary of Singlish and Singapore Englishwas launched to document the actual usage of Singlish and Singapore English in published material, in the way that the Oxford English Dictionary does for standard English.

In many cases, English words take on the meaning of their Chinese counterparts, resulting in a shift in meaning. Compiled by an amateur lexicographer, the Dictionary appears to be one of the more comprehensive and professionally written dictionaries dealing exclusively with Singlish and Singapore English available so far.

Such entries and sub-entries are arranged alphabetically amongst the standard English entries. The origins of the Singlish terms are indicated where possible, and literal translations are provided where necessary.

Singlish Is Alive and Vibrant - a Growing Language in Its Own Right. Discuss

The lack of an officially printed version of a Singlish dictionary is due to the fact that the Singapore government frowns upon the use of Singlish, their official stand being that the speaking of Singlish will make Singaporeans difficult to understand when communicating with foreigners who are not familiar with Singlish.

The Singapore Tourism Board and tourism-related businesses have also produced short lists of commonly used Singlish terms, ostensibly to allow foreigners visiting Singapore to comprehend the local language better. Community efforts to do so include the aptly named "Speak Good Singlish Movement".

It appears that no subsequent editions have been published. A list of common words borrowed from local languages such as Hokkien and Malay appears in an appendix. However, the government has yet to officially change its stand regarding Singlish.

Though failing to discourage the use of Singlish, it has resulted in Singlish having a bad reputation in recent years, further stalling efforts to document actual Singlish usage. For instance, local media have "sports pages" sport in British English and " soccer coverage" soccer—originally slang for association football—while used in Britain, is more usually called just football.

Such lists have been printed in brochures or booklets, and also published on websites. To date, this is the only formal dictionary containing a substantial number of Singaporean English terms. It is not exhaustive and is meant to provide some representative examples of Singlish usage in Singapore.May 14,  · Do You Speak Singlish?

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By Gwee Li Sui. May 13, ; SINGAPORE — Is the government’s war on Singlish finally over? Our wacky, singsong creole may seem like the poor cousin to the island’s. Singlish vocabulary formally takes after British English (in terms of spelling and abbreviations), Letters contributed to the forum of The Straits Times, the main local newspaper, by readers have called for Singlish to be kept alive in Singapore.

Community efforts to do so include the aptly named "Speak Good Singlish Movement". Singlish is alive and vibrant – a growing language on its own right. Discuss. Discuss.

It has become increasingly difficult to ignore the issue about the usage of. I’ve also discovered one of the languages spoken here is ‘Singlish’ so I can almost speak the language (hihi!) BDSM Singapore is alive, vibrant and exciting and the BDSM community makes me feel loved and appreciated about how I bring my unique style of BDSM to this wonderful country.

Feb 11,  · You shouldn’t be too surprised at this. After all, Singlish is merely a variety of the English language, or one of the many World Englishes as the academ. How did Singlish come about?

Singlish vocabulary

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Singlish is alive and vibrant
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