Religious studies coursework

Its Origin and Content 3 credit hours Studies the historical development of biblical and extra-biblical texts with an emphasis on cultivating the skills of critical textual analysis, an understanding of reception history, and the emergence of diverse canons and interpretive approaches across different communities, both Jewish and Christian.

Programs come in both fully online and hybrid formats.

Religious Studies (BA)

Metaphor, thematic elements, and the nature and motivations of the characters are of interest in this approach.

Curriculum The 42 credit hours required for the religious studies major include the following: Students who anticipate completing the dissertation within one month of the semester following that in which Religious studies coursework are presently registered may request a one month extension that allows them to complete their work without registering and paying for the following semester.

Many scholars of religious studies argued that phenomenology was "the distinctive method of the discipline". Graduate Colloquium Attendance in the Graduate Colloquium is required of all students who have not completed their preliminary examinations at the weekly departmental colloquium.

While interdisciplinary in scope, the seminar will explore the religious motivations and theological sources in their dynamic particularity; and ask how images of God shaped Religious studies coursework of personal identity, social existence, race and nation in the campaigns and crusades for equal rights under the law.

We will consider classical sources as well as contemporary debates about sustainable development. How that turn has engendered another turn: Requirements and Information Distance learning students will need access to a computer and the Internet.

In the context of Phenomenology of religion however, the term was first used by Pierre Daniel Chantepie de la Saussaye in his work "Lehrbuch der Religiongeschichte" Major Requirements 30 hours RS - Religion and Society 3 credit hours Introduces the academic study of world religions with an emphasis on the ways religion both influences and is influenced by society and human behavior.

Online Certificate in Religious Studies: Program Information

Please note that if the examination process is not completed within five years of entrance into the program, a student will be dropped from the Graduate school rolls.

Understand and apply rules of Hebrew grammar and syntax to the analysis of Hebrew sentences. This course explores this question through historical interrogation of the category and its development since the early nineteenth century.

What is evil and how is it best managed? All committee members must thus have read the final version of the dissertation sufficiently to participate in this determination.

RS - Pilgrimage and Sacred Journeys 3 credit hours A cross-cultural and comparative examination of the dynamics of religious journeys with the goal of gaining a thorough understanding of the phenomenon of pilgrimage in all its complexity.

The course will require considerable reading in scriptural texts and in both classical and contemporary commentaries - philosophic and theological Contact Us.

Ordinarily, the DGS presides. In so doing, they move towards a holistic understanding of how the various aspects of a religion relate and function together. Other courses may apply, depending on their content. How has Jerusalem been experienced and interpreted as sacred within these religious communities?

Because students are required to create concentrations and themes within their major, this requires them to break down the aspects of the major and the department that most impassions them.

To facilitate this, the DGS should receive the approved prospectus no less than 17 days before the proposed meeting date, and ideally 21 days in advance of the proposed meeting. Emphasis on learning to adapt composing processes to a variety of expository and analytic writing assignments.If you bring to the program earlier coursework in religious studies—even at the lower division level—there is a chance that some of those units might count toward the completion of the major.

Here’s what your program of study could look like. Religious Studies; Graduate; Graduate Study; Graduate Study. RESIDENCE (COURSEWORK) In Religious Studies, it is often the case that only the advisor reads first drafts, and that second and third (and fourth, if applicable) readers only see and critique the project at a later stage.

These practices, however, are flexible, and students. Religious Studies Courses. Courses in Religious Studies REL Introduction to Religions. A cross-cultural survey course of major religious traditions, with emphasis upon the theoretical and methodological issues at stake in the discipline of Religious Studies.

Religious studies, alternately known as the study of religion, is an academic field devoted to research into religious beliefs, behaviors, and institutions.

It describes, compares, interprets, and explains religion, emphasizing systematic, historically based, and cross-cultural perspectives. Top 20 Bachelor in Religious Studies Degree Programs. Image Source. A Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies is well-suited for individuals interested in philosophy, the mores and tenants of humanity and its many belief systems, and/or the Christian Ministry.

Sampling of Coursework: Religious Dimensions of Nonviolent Action; World Religions. This course offers MA students in Religious Studies resources for conceiving and executing a major research project or thesis. By the end of the semester, each participant will have completed a well-organized, detailed prospectus.

Religious studies coursework
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