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With in-depth, data-driven insights, the executive team can effectively communicate its strategic vision to key stakeholders and make adjustments to better position themselves to be the Festival of the Future. Clarity about how to fulfill their mission today and tomorrow, confidence derived from deliberate, data-based decisions, and alignment throughout the organization around a common approach to fulfill the Sundance mission.

By taking highly qualified clinicians to work with children and families in hard to reach places, they aim to improve access to early intervention services, and improve child development outcomes in the early years.

To continue this growth nationally WF requested assistance in developing a strategy to manage and sustain their growth. Understanding the breadth of skills across PwC is not an easy task as a partner on the outside, so having this level of support internally to find the right people Pwc case study critical.

Working together, we crafted a 5-year strategy plan that can transform Sundance Film Festival into a Festival of the Future that drives emotional, personalized engagement and activation in-venue and online.

Throughout the whole process Aaron, Heath and Rob were effective at understanding what we needed to work on and why, and picked up our pain points very quickly. This allowed us to further develop our path forward that delivers for children and families in disadvantaged communities, as well as strengthening our service and business model.

I think we started off with one PwC volunteer, but as our scope became clearer he was able to bring in two more colleagues to assist. All of this culminates in helping Sundance Institute empower independent film artists and audiences and inspire social change. Sundance Institute Our Role: We compared to competitors, surveyed festival-goers, and created a film impact score to measure buzz and reach.

This work allowed us to embrace our future and think differently about how to recreate ourselves. Independent content has recently exploded in quantity and diversity and Sundance Institute wanted to leverage this growth to find more ways to make an impact and support visual storytelling.

The team also provided advice on future campaigns, use of Google AdWords and spent time mentoring key Pollinate staff. The time dedicated to this project by PwC volunteers was approximately 4 hours each — through delivery and preparation on the workshop.

Their expertise was invaluable in reviewing our organisational structure and governance arrangements, operations and funding model.

Our team building workshop, delivered by PwC skilled volunteers, was extremely helpful to the staff at the Wirrpanda Foundation. Organisation and governance 3. The organisation currently uses Google Analytics to review and evaluate the impact of its online marketing campaigns.

Seven staff members from Pwc case study Wirrpanda Foundation attended the workshop. As a result, PwC will be rolling out additional workshops during the year to MA, focussed on developing business and technical skills. The result Four volunteers from PwC participated in the workshop — approximately 15 hours per volunteer was required to design and deliver the workshop.

As we shared this wealth of information with the executive team at Sundance Institute, their eyes lit up with excitement and inspiration. The workshop focused on the following topics: We helped Sundance Institute achieve clarity, confidence and alignment. And when those voices are supported, they bubble up and create connection and empathy between people.

With plans to expand the diversity of artists, add new media and film formats, and live-stream the festival itself, Sundance Film Festival is well-prepared to harness innovation and experimentation which will help them adapt to new technologies, market changes, and audience preferences for years to come.

The workshop enabled participants to better understand themselves, others and different ways of working. They empowered us by fueling us with much-needed information and the ability to think beyond our current situation.

Sundance Film Festival finds more ways to bring independent films to light Client: We were able to review our organisational practices both internally and externally, and walked away with a tangible project plan to work towards.

In order to really understand the impact of these campaigns, Pollinate Energy asked PwC to conduct a marketing review and develop a strategy to enable them to harness the full potential of Google Analytics.

As well as committing their time and expertise, they took the time to understand our core values and principles. Set preferences for tailored content suggestions across the site Save content to reading lists Share this page And… action!Case Interview Question # Your client Unilever USA is the American subsidiary of global consumer packaged goods (CPG) company Unilever.

The parent company is co-headquartered in London, United Kingdom and Rotterdam, Netherlands. Case Study: PwC Making Locations Stand Out with Spotlight "In Benivo we had a partner that could deliver fast, and to our requirements." ~Heather Richardson, Director, PwC.

PwC UK engaged Benivo to help existing employees discover: live-work lifestyle benefits of regional company locations. Read PwC Digital Services Case Studies that illustrate how we create true business transformation by fueling innovation and elevating customer experiences.

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By continuing to browse this site you consent to the use of cookies. Case Study of Monique Mandy - Her Trials, Tribulations and Resolve Introduction Monique Mandy was born to Liberian middle-class parents who believed that education was the root of all success, and packed little Monique to a English boarding school.

The culture at PwC's Strategy& is unique. The best and brightest people, highly experienced and from a variety of backgrounds, come together to solve CEO agenda problems, and deliver essential advantage for our clients. How to crack a case. Listen carefully; ask questions if there are any points you do not understand.

Materials. For the next section, give yourself 5 minutes to read each document. This will help you with the online case study questions.

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Pwc case study
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