Prototype modeling of smart grid technology at ciit lahore

Finally, developed simulator can also be converted into interesting games. Ahmed Zahid, Fawad Azeem, Jibran Goraya The testbed comprises of different power sources modeled with the inverters connected in parallel to the loads.

Any human language can be learnt and used effectively if the native accent is correctly followed. Kinect based comparisons and suggestions for the user regarding any mistakes, errors etc while following the tutorials.

Monolithic architectures of increasingly complex software design usually impose strong restrictions. Following are the projects completed till date: Ahmed Zahid, Sarfraz Anwar, Ahrar Ahmad The automation of food restaurant service includes the automated reception of orders via android application and subsequent delivery of food from kitchen to the desired table.

Without a proper sandbox mechanism a system always faces threats of viruses and Trojans every time a code executes. A perfect simulator can save a lot of money. Functionalities such as, set point modifications, data logging facility, real time data examination and exportation of data with Microsoft-Excel are performed.

A trainer for teaching accent of any language component can be developed by which, the user can speak the preset text which is recorded.

Adnan Ahmad in Faculty Block Room Mobile phone capable database programming such as for MySQL will be an added advantage. Saudi Arabia - Medina Started freelancing to earn few bucks part time. The load generator can be detached or attached.

The lab manual of experiments was also prepared. These restrictions cause many issues; for instance, difficult integration with other software tools, less interoperability and less reusability of various software components.

Ahmed Zahid, Sarfraz Anwar, Ahrar Ahmad The 4 axis robotic arm based screw driving machine is developed that can pick and fasten screw.

It is normally used to execute untrusted code, so that if there is any harm in its execution, it remains limited to an isolated environment only. Simulator can be developed in any symbolic simulator like MatLab.

This in turn can be used to know the impact of decisions and policies made for allocating resources and funds, and proposing the future directions for the field. The robot follows along the black line to reach to the desired table in a 3x2 grid layout prototype. A cloud service can be launched for the users to avail the predictions on the the basis of chosen parameters.

The state-machine based algorithm is designed and implemented to semi automate the process. One novel power sharing algorithm designed, implemented and tested is being submitted for publication. The Kinect based monitor can correctly guide the user to conduct aerobics and exercises so that any one can perform them without the need of a trainer.

The table number is fed using Keypad. One possible solution is to open the file in a controlled environment sandboxso even if it is infected, the effect can be localized. Finally, that data will be stored on the proper inner-cloud. For example, the prediction of stock exchange trends can be done on the basis of historic data available.

Today internet surfing is becoming an issue which requires great attention of ISPs in almost every part of the world and they are trying to solve these issues by different ways. Internet censorship is applied over the web traffic due to some religious, business or moral reasons.

This project also aims at sharing multimedia live streams, but through all the available connectivity methods for mobile devices. The delivery is done by means of a 4 wheel robot. For further details please visit Dr.

Ahmed Zahid

This final year project proposes a collaborative outgoing anti-spam technique to reduce the spread of spam on the internet. To control the robot, the Arduino UNO is used.

Channel modeling of NB-PLC for Smart Grid

The software design, implementation and integration give them a head start to join the software industry. Kinect Programming Kinect configuration, data extraction and analysis, general programming skills Development Application Dr.

Database System implementation for audio files and comparison. The brain of the robot is the Arduino Mega micro-controller board.

This project will be considered a new sub-service of storage service.application of GSM–SMS technology to field data acquisition. This paper represents a study on GSM-SMS technology application to the data acquisition.

This is a prototype system which is composed of field monitoring and host control platforms. Data transmission and communication are performed by GSM-SMS methodology.

Once the prototype is complete, a Cloud service will be launched to commercialize this idea. * Software development * Cloud Computing * Strong coding skills are required in JAVA, Wed Technologies and Database Systems *Students with CGPA higher than will be preferred. To implement smart mobility scenarios a deep integration among citizens, private and public transportation systems and ICT is required.

With the S2-Move project we propose an architecture Nowadays smart mobility, a new vision of urban mobility, is a reality. Comsats Institute of Information Technology Lahore Comsats Institute of Information Technology Lahore.

Analogue communication systems (A) Smart grid systems and micro grid technology (A) Smart grid systems and micro grid technology (A) Languages. Punjabi. Professional working killarney10mile.comry: Higher Education. MODELING SMART GRIDS AS COMPLEX SYSTEMS THROUGH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF INTELLIGENT HUBS Jose Gonz´ ´alez de Durana, Oscar Barambones University College of Engineering, University of the Basque Country, Nieves Cano 12, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain units of the smart grid, a two layer model is.

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan March – July (1 year 5 months) Social Services It was founded for the betterment of fellow students in COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology (CIIT- Lahore).

Prototype modeling of smart grid technology at ciit lahore
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