Nepotism in the workplace and the consequences management essay

Therefore, management has to place job satisfaction for employees at the top of their list so that employees could better serve customers which would lead to increase revenue, profits, production and quality Bush-Bacelis, This approach deals with the question, "Are we recognizing the rights of those affect?

Another type is Reciprocal Nepotism associated with the family conditions of interdependence, previous cooperation, and cultural norms that support commitment to the family members.

Based on what you have learned since you began your program of study at the University of Phoenix and through your continuing work experiencewould you handle the situation differently or in the same way?

It can also be defined as hiring or promoting a relative or friend, even if there are other qualified candidates for the position. Anti-nepotism laws will be useless in countries like Saudi Arabia since it is part of their culture Bush-Bacelis, Nepotism, although could benefit an organization but it could easily destroy it.

Employees may see this as an opportune time for them to practice unethical acts, because they believe because they were hired by a close or relative any practice is appreciated in the organization and they may use this to their advantage to get involved in any kind of unethical behaviour.

Certain states in the US have implemented policies that prevent qualified couples from working under the same company while some believe that it is merely discrimination Bush-Bacelis, These feuds can cause major workplace disruptions, which can reduce overall productivity and negatively impact employee morale.

As an employer, it is your duty to see to it that nepotism is not practiced at the workplace. Connection nepotism is inclined to turn a blind eye to low employee performance and poor job fit Young, Managers should try to go all out to not to play favorites and must also ensure that managers under them do the same Young, The stakeholder who is mostly affected by nepotism is the employees.

Loss of valued personnel who contributed significantly to the day to day operations and success of the company could be a severe repercussion of nepotism in the work place.

Nepotism could create disagreements within an organization that could lead to hatred among employees and management. Unhappy share holders may seek to replace management and might even consider taking their investments elsewhere. Issues that surround incidents of nepotism such as discrimination, fraternization, and conflicts of interest COIs are regulated by state and federal law.

Nepotism in the Workplace Essay Sample

Another person also does the same. Some may even gossip behind his back, or pass derogatory comments as well. Customers recognize and evaluate quality based on the behaviour and tone of voice and in particular the attitude of the employees who serve them.

Questioning Nepotism Nepotism happens when bias is applied when choosing a candidate for a certain position, favour being bestowed upon a relative of one who is already in place. Poor service and repugnant attitude could lead to a customer changing their buying habits or choosing another place which provides better service.

Customers are primarily concerned with price, quality, or services of product. Different stakeholders are entitled to different considerations since they are not all equal Gitman, While I think that all your indicated questions cannot be contained within that word limit, it can be adapted so as to cover a generalized view that should satisfy your professor.

Nepotism in family owned businesses can result in continuity in that the business will be passed on from generation to generation. They may start thinking if there is a fraud plot in the making, and will surely voice their opinion and this will create dissatisfaction. Research was conducted on some private owned companies in which we saw, a father, wife, daughter and son-in-law were employed within the same organization.

Many employees regard nepotism as an unfair workplace practice. This kind of behavior qualifies more for an ethical debate than a legal one.

Consequences of Nepotism

With an issue such as nepotism which could lead several negative effects which have been mentioned above, investors would become very interested in the issues at hand.

This form of nepotism is for the most part perverse and could create a lot of chaos. Low morale, poor job satisfaction, job turnover are issues which arise from the work place and could contribute instability within the home. Since the decision would work and be perfectly understandable considering family owned businesses are normally passed from generation to generation and the continuity relies on the emotional ties within the family.

What were the ethics in question? Nepotism can also cause fraud in the organization.Nepotism is a hiring mechanism in companies where management hires their relatives and as a result perpetuating family involvement over time and across generations.

There are two types of Nepotism. Entitlement Nepotism based on family network without consideration of family conditions. Nepotism does not belong in the workplace because it does not create the same relationship with the other employees.

Quality of work may diminish because that relative might not work as hard because they know they sill will be treated as a family member and not an employee.3/5(2).

Workplace Ethics: On nepotism

Nepotism in the Workplace Essay Sample Nepotism is the favoring of a relative or a friend for things or jobs he is not qualified for. Nepotism is the outflow of filial affection or friendship, or the desire to surround oneself with trustworthy and loyal subjects. Article name: Nepotism In The Workplace And The Consequences Management essay, research paper, dissertation Related essay The Different Between Favouritism Cronyism And Nepotism Philosophy.

Negative Effects of Nepotism at the Workplace

What were the potential consequences to you and the other parties involved? Evaluate the outcome. Workplace Ethics: Questioning Nepotism.

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$ Ina survey from the federal government's Office of Personnel Management found that only percent of federal workers thought promotions in their work units were based on merit. (Government Executive Magazine, "Playing Favorites," by Brian Friel, October ). And everyone can point to instances where cronyism or nepotism is .

Nepotism in the workplace and the consequences management essay
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