Impact of e banking over personal life

Negative Technology is expensive as well Even though we use technology to solve operational costs in business and increase on productivity. Recommendations for action While one cannot make firm recommendations based on the findings of the studies examined, it is evident that some customers are still conservative towards electronic banking.

The Effects of Online Banking

For example, businesses can use social Medias to hold product Impact of e banking over personal life. The information collected is used to improve on the services of the business which results in business growth.

The study was limited to a small sample size of 35 as opposed to a large sample size typical of a quatitative reseach.

Now students can study courses which are provided in other countries without having any boundary limitations. Information technology has become a subject of fundamental importance to banks worldwide [ 6 ]. In most cases, the brain must fight to separate the other life from the real life.

Regulating e-money companies would be a better solution to controlling the effect of e-money on the monetary policy [ 19 ].

Banks use electronic devices such as computers for storing, analyzing, and distributing information. The pilot will be presented with the same challenge in a virtual reality world and they train how to overcome the challenge.

Studying the impacts of EB on the banking industry should be a study that answers the how question i. Abor [ 11 ] also studied the impact of EB on Ghanaian banks by surveying bank employees.

Advanced technology can result in better customers service and production of high-quality products or services. Online banking has become the preferred way for many Americans to conduct financial activities. When the resolution is too low, your eyes are forced to work harder to distinguish images.

This machine will require continuous maintenance and a standby technician to operate it and fix it in case it brakes down. However, few contradictory results were reported. Boateng and Molla [ 2 ] mentioned easy account access and speedy transaction as benefits of EB.

Consumers can check account balances and review other account information any time of the day or night.

The impacts of technology cannot be measured because it is still changing the way we do everything. Electronic banking EB is a new paradigm in banks product and service delivery [ 3 ]. Online services similar to those provided at banks are also available to customers.

If you spend a lot of time in a virtual reality system that uses a low-resolution headset for displaying views, you may experience eyestrain issues.

Because they spend most their time in the virtual world and give up on getting real friends, which results in loneliness and cyber-sickness. This has increased the level of misinformation and failure of exams.

Varying Impacts of Electronic Banking on the Banking Industry

Methodology limitation Of all the studies examined, none utilized qualitative methodology. Regulatory authorities should provide online protection for electronic-banking customers. Moustakas noted that using a qualitative design enables a researcher to describe a phenomenon accurately without referring to any preset guidelines.

Banks should continue to invest in IT to improve efficiency and encourage customers to use online banking service. Recommendation for future study A possible future research direction is the use of another research methodology to explore the impacts which the evolving EB has on the banking industry.

The pilot in question has been exposed to a virtual life and if they do this for so long, it creates an imbalance in their life. This simplifies all process of hiring and it saves time. Regulators therefore, need to identify threats if any, that e-money and EB pose to the economy and develop strategies for effective policy options.

Fredrick also noted that the introduction of EB in Africa reduced operating costs for banks in terms of labor, rent, and back office paper work. Impact of Technology on Society Positive Improved the transportation sector Technology has made the movement so easy and cheap, technologies like automobiles, airplanes, speedboats, electronic trains, have made moving from one place to another so easily.

Impacts on the banking industry from the points of view of consumers and bank employees were reported. EB is considered a potential substitute for brick and mortar bank branches; however, bank customers still visit their banks at least once a month [ 9 ].

The Impact of Technology On Our Lives Today

ATMs are the most popular electronic delivery channel for e-banking services. For example, many pilots are faced with bad weather and defective engines. Shittu also stated that EB enabled electronic check processing, which reduced the number of clearing days and improve security.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. This education might help increase public confidence in ebanking.

With the help of internet technology, online education has become a strong force in the education sector. Santomero [ 14 ] stated that electronic payment helped to foster and support automated check clearing Check 21, a technology innovation.Evaluating the Impacts of Online Banking Factors on Motivating the Process of E-banking Akram Jalal Purpose – The purpose of this research paper is to explore and mature the Impact of selected factors on the personal computer - led to a significant change in the exchanging of products and services.

This study presents what impact electronic banking has on customer satisfaction in comparing with traditional brick and mortar banking service, its relationship with that of age, occupation and education, its impact on branch visits, the level of customer understanding about e-banking and the.

The Impact of internet banking servic e quality on customer satisfaction in the banking sector of Ghana. School of Management, Blekinge Institute of Technology. o J Business & Financial Affairs u r n a l a f n B ao Worku G, Tilahun A, Tafa MA () The Impact of Electronic Banking on Customers Satisfaction in Ethiopian Banking Industry (The Case of Customers of Dashen and Wogagen Banks in Gondar City).

J Bus Fin Aff 5: The prepaid cards will be given to the cardholders with a personal. 4 The Importance of E-banking in Business Online banking provides consumers with a convenient method of conducting bank business from the comfort and security of their own home and personal computer.

E-banking is the use of electronic means to deliver banking services, mainly through the Internet. The term is also used to refer to ATMs, telephone banking, use of plastic money, mobile phone banking and electronic funds transfers.

Impact of e banking over personal life
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