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But does he deserve the title? Smith was also a private in the 1st Border regiment fighting on the Somme. Despite the video being slightly confusing at times, with many different historians speaking General haig essay help with slightly different views, at the end of the video it was said that Haig acknowledged that there would be heavy casualties and that this was unavoidable.

General Haig and his men fought in several battles e. And the photo might not be real, or it was just created by the government to raise the support to Haig. If Haig had gone to the front line more often he would undoubtedly have gained a better idea of what was happening and would not have needed to rely on edited information.

So this source can be either reliable or not and it might not be so fair to Haig saying that he is a butcher. Lloyd George also humiliated Haig and made things even more difficult for him when he put him under the French command of Nivelle.

Haig had indeed been raised in a wealthy Scottish family. General Haig used the same tactics repeatedly which were obviously failing. This might be supporting the point that he was just doing his job and he made a great success in the war. Which made the people bitter and angry especially the anger from the men in the Front line, seeing Haig standing kilometers behind them, thinking that he was being General haig essay help coward, and the ones who lost their family and relatives on the 1st of July?

This factor as well as the fact that Haig was not used to the tactics of a war of attrition may have caused Haig to act rashly and therefore if he was not under so much pressure he may have acted differently.

There are three essential differences: Now turning to the Regimental Sergeant- Major what is the second difference? This source was written in He believed if he could continue the attack in this way he would eventually break the German front line.

Source F is another balanced source that points out both the positive and negative qualities of Haig. In General Haig was commissioned in the cavalry and served in several campaigns — Sudan and in the Boer War in South Africa between and The Germans had many advantages such as; being on a higher ground and they had a good defence system that Haig had under estimated.

However Haig relied too much on these faulty reports obtained from already defeated German soldiers who, being captured, would be likely to make things out worse than they actually were. The British attack at the Somme did achieve its goal and refusal to the French, not to attack could have led to Britain and France no longer seeing eye to eye and not co-operating with each other.

The magazine was published inmany years after the Battle of Somme. Although in my opinion quite harsh on Haig as many people were in fact needed to die to win a war of attrition, the source is historically correct, but again, could not be taken seriously being written after the time of the war for more of an entertainment value.

He thought he was successful, but he was not. It is debatable that Haig deserves his nickname as, while his men are starving in the cold and muddy trench, Haig is sipping French wine.

He was one of them who called Haig a Butcher. The army was mostly made up of volunteers who showed extreme courage but were let down by their leaders. The people of Britain wanted someone to blame. Although this is correct Britain, at the battle of the Somme, did very much towards weakening the German army and held them up long enough to save Verdun and for the Americans to join the war where the British eventually forced the Germans to retreat.

He is the Butcher of the Somme, I think. Although it was General Douglas Haig, who sent them to their death, there might be some misunderstanding in between. It took place on either side of the River Somme in France, and it ended on 18 November However, this is an argument that will go on continuously in history, and everyone will have different opinions.

Haig was also fed false Intel that was meant to boost morale. It was taken on 12th Aprila few months after the war ended. This source was written years after the war in a local newspaper called Pro Venanic. It can be trusted because it was written by a person who was in the battle who experienced what the war was like and what Haig was doing.

Did General Haig deserve to be the Butcher of the Somme? But no one cared to make a legend out of that. He repeated the mistakes opposite of what was said organized. This source includes some of the other sources in the coursework booklet and talks about many of the mistakes Haig made as commander in Chief, such as his false intelligence reports and his decision to press on despite the high death rates.Defining Field Marshal General Sir Douglas Haig Essay - Defining Field Marshal General Sir Douglas Haig Haig was a technical innovator; Haig was an old fashioned fool.

Haig was a brilliant strategist; Haig was ignorant. Haig was a great man; Haig was hardly a.

History – Does General Haig Deserve the Title the Butcher?

General Douglas Haig Butcher or Hero. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON. General Douglas Haig Butcher or Hero. One of the most important reasons, and one which showed he could make difficult decisions and show that he was a good general, was to help the French, as the original reason for the battle was to relieve the.

Apr 10,  · Haig told his generals that all the troops would have to do was walk into the German position; instead, there were 60, casualties on the first day (the worst in the history of the British army), 20, in the first killarney10mile.coml Plumer, who requested extra hospital trains to be moved up to near the front to cope with the casualties he Status: Resolved.

In this essay I will discus whether General Haig deserves to be remembered as ‘the butcher of the Somme’. General Haig’s title of ‘the butcher of the Somme’ originated after the First World War, when, due to large number of casualties Britain suffered from the war and mostly the Somme.

The people of Britain wanted someone to blame. Unreasonable people attempt to general haig essay help adapt the world to themselves.

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Essay Writing Guide. Learn the art of brilliant essay writing Popular college essay ghostwriters for hire for phd with help from our teachers. by Sandy Farran. Evaluation of Actions of General Douglas Haig Essay - Evaluation of Actions of General Douglas Haig Some historians believe that General Douglas Haig was a butcher because of the amount of people killed in action at the Somme.

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