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To ensure blood circulation through the walls of the tract so that the secretion of juices can become easier and the absorption work may proceed rapidly.

The Digestive System

The semi digested food passes from the duodenum into the Jejunum part of the small intestine. There are cells here that help deposit nutrients from food which include small particles. The food travels through the esophagus, or throat with the help of special muscles that contract as food is being swallowed.

This galactose is again converted into glucose in the liver at time of necessity. Organs in the Digestive system: Movements in the tract are essential for three reasons: Fats, in the form of fatly acids and glycerol are absorbed into the lacteals.

Movements are essential for the process of Defecation. Digestive system contributes in homeostatic regulation of the body. It includes peristalsis, antiperistalsis and mass peristalisis. Aside from extracting nutrients from food, it helps the body get rid of unwanted waste as feces and urine.

This enzyme splits lactose into glucose and galactose. It is wider than small intestine. Mineral salts and small amount of water pass into the blood vessels along with sugar and amino acids.

Essay on the Digestive System (For Students) | Human Physiology

Rhythmic Segmentation or Ludwigs Pendulum: By the contraction and relaxation of the circular muscles attached to the food pipe or oesophagus, food propel forward to the stomach. Digestive system helps the body to maintain stability, equilibrium or balance.

The body would suffer if there is no regular supply of energy and nutrients from digestive system. Carbohydrates have been converted into maltose by salivary juice, other disaccharides by pancreatic juice and lastly mono-saccharides of glucose or simple sugar by Intestinal juice.

The saliva enzymes help protect teeth enamel and break down starches and fat from the food. Proteins are absorbed by the blood vessels from the villi in the form of amino acids.

Fats or Lipids are complex foods which are mostly utilized for the supply of energy to the body. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM FUNCTION -The digestive system is a group of organs working together to convert food into energy and basic nutrients to feed the entire body. Food passes through a long tube inside the body known as the alimentary canal or the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract).

The Digestive System essaysWe need food to gain energy in the body so that it is possible to live. Food stores nutrients that the digestive system breaks down and transport it to the organs in the body. THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Divided into two parts: * Alimentary tract o Or Gastrointestinal tract o Hollow tube from mouth to anus o Food material inside the tract is considered to be outside the body b/c the canal is open to the external environment at both ends4/4(1).

Digestive System Essay - Purpose The digestive system prepares food for use by hundreds of millions of body cells. Food when eaten cannot reach cells (because it cannot pass through the intestinal walls to the bloodstream and, if.

The lower gastrointestinal tract consists of small intestine, ileum, large intestine, anus and rectum. (Cheryl Jakab, ) The functions of some important organs include Oral Cavity: The oral cavity or the mouth is the first part of the digestive system. It. ADVERTISEMENTS: In this essay we will discuss about the digestive system in humans.

After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Organs of Digestive System 2. Accessory Glands for Digestion of Foods. Essay # 1.

Digestive System

Organs of Digestive System: Digestion means simplification of complex foods. It is the process of breaking various .

Essays about the digestive system
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