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Examinations are a test of memory. Indeed, one of the major objectives of the examination system was to promote diversity of viewpoints and to avoid over-filling of offices with individuals of particular political or partisan alignment, as might occur with alternative, more biased methods, which could allow for active recruitment.

Teachers are over burdened 6. A pivotal point in the development of imperial examinations arose with the rise of Wu Zetian. This included even individuals from the occupied northern territories. Disadvantages The existing system of examination with its yardstick fails to measure properly the merit of such a student.

Thus examination do not Essay examination system a student to ready widely.

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Successful candidates then became an elite nucleus of bureaucrats within her government. However, the structure of the examination system was extensively expanded during the reign of Wu Zetian: The provincial restrictions resulted in a greater effect; for example, only 28 Han Chinese from South China were included among the candidates, the rest of the South China slots 47 being occupied by resident Mongols or Semu-ren, although 47 "racial South Chinese" who were not residents of South China were approved as candidates.

Advantages Examinations have gathered in a tremendous importance in the scheme of life of a student in India. Tests had a lengthy historical background in Chinese thought, including evaluating the potential of possible people to fill positions through various contests, competitions, or interviews: Life in itself is a big examination.

For the first time, an examination system was explicitly instituted for a category of local talents. We find that a student fleets his time carelessly for the whole year without study as reading for a few days before the day of examination enables him to pass the examination.

Syllabi should be revised. The regular higher level degree examination cycle was nominally decreed in to be 3 years. The examiners are to examine a large number of scripts in a comparatively short period of time.

But all students getting high marks or good divisions in examinations are not really able. Even during the Tang dynasty the quantity of placements into government service through the examination system only averaged about nine persons per year, with the known maximum being less than 25 in any given year.

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Moreover, the mood of the examiners under varying circumstances is, sometimes, reflected in the task. Kublai ended the imperial examination system, as he believed that Confucian learning was not needed for government jobs.

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Previously, potential officials never sat for any sort of academic examinations.Words Essay on Examinations System in India. However, the examination system as we have today becomes a farce in essence.

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It is because of many reasons and factors. The most distressing among these factors is the menace of copying.

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words essay on A Scene in the Examination Hall (Free to read) words essay on Examinations. The Best Essay on The Topic is a fact that our system of education is examination-ridden.

It is almost impossible to deny. (iv) Jega () saw examination malpractice as any form of misbehaviour that leads to the alteration of or a tempering with the prescribed ways of conducting examination in any given system. (v) Examination Malpractice is a punishable offence which is committed during the process of normal and recognized examination (Saye, in Jega ).

An examination creates a sort of care in students to prepare their studies sincerely. Examination may be of various types such as oral, written and practical. Essay on the Examination System of India.

Examination System Essays: OverExamination System Essays, Examination System Term Papers, Examination System Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Sep 09,  · Our examination system does not make our students learn their subjects well۔ Students generally study their subjects sometime before their examination.

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