Einstein doctoral thesis

The value was in compliance with what he and Planck had found earlier from black-body radiation. This list is based entirely upon my general knowledge, so pardon me if I am limited in my insight.

His main research was focused on measuring instruments, but he also had an interest in the foundations of physics. In letters to Mileva MaricEinstein noted the frequent discussions that he had with Kleiner on a wide range of topics.

His work was well received and turned into a landmark work in geometry just two years after he died.

Alfred Kleiner

You can click titles to read the theses. Imagine nano robots being manufactured in your body to defeat cancer cells. Until the Einstein doctoral thesis was not authorized to grant doctoral degrees, so a special arrangement enabled ETH students to obtain doctorates from the University of Zurich.

Non-cooperative games John Nash John Nash. He also held several other positions and titles throughout his career, including: I challenge you to read a few pages of it without getting dizzy.

No effect greater than the experimental error was observed. Geek in early as a result of my growing enthusiasm and passion for technology. However, Einstein withdrew his dissertation in February One year later he considered giving up his plan to obtain a doctorate and noted to his friend Michele Besso that "the whole comedy has become tiresome for me.

Career[ edit ] Alfred Kleiner was professor of physics at the University of Zurich. His approach combined skepticism about classical mechanics with a firm belief in molecules and a confidence in statistical principles. Geek, just PM me on my Facebook profile.

Kleiner published his results on this inLaager inand Erismann in and She also won a Nobel Prize for Chemistry in It is fun because it is in the order of declarative statements such as 1, 1. De Broglie was one of the great theoretical physicists of the 20th century. The University of Zurich had only one physics chair, held by Alfred Kleiner.

If you want to write for Mr. It was at this time that Einstein transitioned from Weber to Kleiner and changed his dissertation topic from thermoelectricity to molecular kinetics.

How did Einstein earn his PhD?

The thesis documents her discovery of radioactivity materials such as radium and polonium, for which she was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics, and subsequently formed the core of her future research.

Indeed, a letter to Besso contains some of the central ideas of the dissertation.

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Enjoy, oh and forgive me for the complexity of the content. Feynman diagrams are used by physicists all over the world to pictorially represent the behavior of subatomic particles with mathematical expressions. I love sharing my knowledge and helping out the community by creating useful, engaging and compelling content.

A century and half later, Riemannian geometry was used by Grigori Perelman to solve one of the hardest problems in mathematics, the Poncaire Conjecture. The concept of using binary properties of electrical switches is at the core of all digital circuit design. About Ali Gajani Hi.

Kleiner was, of course, one of the two faculty reviewers of the dissertation, submitted by Einstein to the University on 20 July I shall most certainly write the paper in the coming weeks. It has been argued that Einstein avoided his own theoretical ideas to win the approval of his PhD advisor, Alfred Kleiner.

In his thesis, Marx argues the differences between two schools of thought that originated from Ancient Greek polymaths namely Democritus and Epicurus.

This idea is one of the principle ideas of quantum mechanics. This is because Riemannian geometry introcued geometrical objects called tensors which describe how much bent or curved is a point in space.

At that time, most dissertations in physics by ETH students were carried out under the supervision of H.Einstein's Ph.D.

dissertation was printed in Bern 30 April In 24 pages of calculations and text Einstein's estimate of Avogadro's number came out wrong by a factor of nearly 3, but good enough for a PhD degree in Mathematical Physics from Zurich University.

Nov 28,  · How did Einstein earn his PhD? Tags: albert einstein; Aug 16, #1. td Gold Member Einstein completed his thesis, with Alfred Kleiner, Professor of Experimental Physics, serving as pro-forma advisor.

Since the ETH was not authorized to grant doctoral degrees untila special arrangement enabled ETH students to. The PhD Program Experience First Explore, Then Decide.

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You apply directly to our PhD program, not to a specific department. This allows you to gain exposure many areas of research before making an informed decision about your thesis work.

ALBERT EINSTEIN. wrote a dissertation and submitted it to Kleiner. Kleiner delayed reading the thesis for several months, and then rejected it because it contained remarks critical of Boltzmann and others.

Einstein withdrew the thesis. In Einstein approached Kleiner with a thesis on the electrodynamics of moving bodies. 4 facts & figures about doctorate degree holders. Find online or on campus doctorate degree programs designed for your life & goals. Explore your options. In German-speaking countries, there are really two dissertations.

The first one, the “inaugural thesis” (Inauguraldissertation), for the PhD. or ions of the Einstein’s dissertation contributed to the solution of this prob- Einstein’s efforts to obtain a doctoral degree illuminate some of the institutional con- straints on the development of his work on the problem of molecular dimensions.


Einstein doctoral thesis
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