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Here, skill, talent, hard work, learning attitude and a positive attitude are the only key to establish within the organization. As the philosophy of a leader Dissertation leadership style that the punishment should be given for poor performance and appreciation should be provided if employees perform in excellent way.

In such situation, the leader Dissertation leadership style guide the followers in proper way and can ensure their growth as well. The only negative impact of participative leadership style is that decision making could be delayed as discussion is the basis of this particular style of leadership.

As here the impact of leadership has been measured on employees so the situation could be Dissertation leadership style to the experience or inexperience level of employees.

Many theorists have given their views about this theory. Therefore, here are some of the topics you can use for your leadership dissertation. Get your Research Topic Brief of words on your field of study in just business days including… An explanation why we choose this topic?

In your leadership dissertation you will have to explain how leadership is attained? It is considered as a most ideal leadership style that could be adopted by any leader. Again, this style of leadership is completely differing than all other leadership styles.

There are many other theories that you should touch in your leadership dissertation such as functional theory of leadership.

The leaders always work as great supervisor who not only motivates but also shows the way to go ahead and finding a way to success. Reference Copied to Clipboard.


The leaders are not bothered for the involvement in the decision making process and the followers have complete freedom to take decisions as per their gut feelings and experience level. It is just opposite to the autocratic leadership style.

Spark new ideas Know the structure and format of the dissertation Know what to include in each chapter and much more Leadership style is one of the factors which have a huge impact at the subordinates and followers.

All these leadership style has its own impact and consequences. It is important to know the point of view of different researchers and philosophers in this regard to increase your knowledge as well as broaden the readers mind. Followers need to follow all the legal aspects as well as policies.

Thus, in this way these are some of the major factors which corroborates towards the positive as well as the negative impact of leadership style on followers. It includes values, ethics, and code of conduct, norms and beliefs.

Effective traits to write a good quality of Leadership dissertation:

The employees may get a chance and growth opportunities and overall development could be noticed if the leader is transformational. How does it affect the organization as well as the people around the leader? Again the situations are same as above. Here followers have advantages that they can build understandable relationship with a leader and the most importantly the message is clear from leaders that the benefit of organization is most significant or prioritized element.

But no interference of leaders can make the experienced followers highly irresponsible and it could be negative for their growth.

Before assessing the impact of this style there is a huge requirement of creating certain situations. This leadership style has freedom in its base. Hence it could be stated that transactional leadership style also puts favourable impact at followers.

The six leadership styles are autocratic, participative, laissez faire, transformational, transactional, situational leadership styles.

Trait theory is all about the types of personality tendencies and behavior linked through effective leadership. The worst impact is that it can stop their growth as they are not able to utilize the talent due to the autocratic behaviour of a leader.

The role of employees and followers is completely negligible in taking the decisions. Various leadership styles and its impact on followers There are varieties of factor which may affect people within the organization.

Feel free to change the topics to your own preferences.THE IMPORTANCE OF LEADERSHIP: AN INVESTIGATION OF PRESIDENTIAL STYLE AT FIFTY NATIONAL UNIVERSITIES Mindy Fivush Levine, B.A., killarney10mile.com Dissertation Prepared for the Degree of. This is to certify that the thesis titled“A study of the Impact of Leadership Styles on Employee Motivation and Commitment: An empirical study of selected organisations in Corporate sector ”,is a bonafide research work.

Perceptions of Leadership Styles and Job Satisfaction in a Sample of High School Athletic Directors in the United States by Colin J. Turey A dissertation submitted to the Department of Educational Leadership. Dissertation and Essay Samples:Various leadership styles and its impact on followers. transformational leadership, engagement, and performance: a new PERSPECTIVE The transformational leadership style has long been shown to.

LEADERSHIP STYLE Impact on employee LAHTI UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Degree programme in International Business Bachelor ˇs Thesis Spring

Dissertation leadership style
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