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Because Cholly acts so impulsively and selfishly, he does many strange, twisted, and horrible things. Standing midway between the white and black worlds is the exotic Maureen Peal, whose braids are described as "two lynch ropes.

Raping her, he feels the same emotions of guilt, embarrassment, and hatred that he experienced when he was fourteen" Becker.

After the publication of The Bluest Eye, Morrison explained that she was trying to show the nature and relationship between parental love and violence. Even before his birth, Cholly Breedlove has felt the vicious sting of loneliness.

Toni Morrison - the Bluest Eye

He is the reason that they are homeless, yet he does not seem to care. These young men, she is saying, are symbolic Cholly breedlove essay all of the black men who have allowed themselves to be mesmerized by Anglo standards of beauty.

Morrison shows the causes as to why Cholly would rape his own child; the incident with the white men and Darlene reminds Cholly is a drunk who lacks any sort of respect for women.

Morrison does not have to retell the story of three hundred years of black dominance by white culture for us to be aware of the history of American blacks, who have been victims in this tragedy. When Cholly rapes Pecola, it is a physical manifestation of the social, psychological, and personal violence that has raped Cholly for years.

He has physical fights with his wife, Pauline, on a regular basis. Cholly also struggles with the Oedipal complex, raping his daughter, Pecola. Boys receive just as much negative feedback from the white community, but Cholly breedlove essay are far more likely to direct their emotions and retaliation outward, inflicting pain on others before the pain turns inward and destroys them.

Cholly and Junior are prime examples. Never mind the fact that he was leaving that very day From the day she is born, Pecola is told that she is ugly.

Cholly once respected women, especially his Great Aunt, and during this time, his superego was in effect. Cholly Breedlove is a twisted and terrible character and because his id is in effect, he is impulsive, which leads him to raping his daughter Pecola.

Living life under his Great Aunt Jimmy, Cholly was in the best living situation that he would ever be in, which ultimately positively affected him, activating his superego.

As noted earlier, a three-hundred-year-old history of people brought to the United States during the period of slavery has led to a psychological oppression that fosters a love of everything connected with the slave masters while promoting a revulsion toward everything connected with themselves.

Cholly abandoned Darlene when he found out she might be pregnant; most likely because he was abandoned by his father as a child. He had felt the same abandonment he felt his entire life Cholly only ever rapes Pecola because she reminds him of Pauline, and this is relative to the Oedipal complex.

As a result, they turn on their own — just as the boys turn on Pecola. Because he has been so depreciated by white society, he is reduced to breeding with his own daughter, a union so debased that it produces a stillborn child, one who cannot survive for even an hour in this world where self-hatred breeds still more self-hatred.

His Great Aunt clearly cared for him, even if the way that she expressed it was a little twisted. As well as the ways he eventually destroys himself and also those around him. This shows his id in effect and the lack of his superego, or even a balance of the two. Great Aunt Jimmy provided Cholly with a good life, putting him through four years of school, and teaching him morals the best she could, acting as the only motherly figure he would ever have in his life.

How would that make you feel? Because his superego and ego are not in effect, Cholly does many awful things, such as rape his own daughter.

When Cholly was young, he was abandoned by his mother, but was soon taken in by his Great Aunt Jimmy, and while he lived with her, although it was not the most normal situation ever, his living conditions were the most stable that they would ever be.

The Real Cholly Breedlove Essay Sample

Their relationship was full of verbal, physical, and emotionally violent abuse; yet, they could not leave one another. He grew an intense love for his Aunt Jimmy, but her death marked the first of many episodes that began a downward spiral of his adolescent life.

Left you alone, feeling deserted, isolated, and by yourself? Cholly knew it was wrong to run out on a pregnant girl, and recalled, with sympathy, that his father had done just that to him.

More essays like this: If one is to believe the first-grade primer, everyone is happy, well-to-do, good-looking, and white. If Morrison seems to focus on female self-hatred in Pecola, it is clear that feelings of self-hatred are not limited to black girls alone.

Cholly is impulsive, always doing what he wants and what makes him happy. When Pecola is to board with the MacTeers, Mrs. This action ties in with his id, in that he acts impulsively to fulfill his wants.

Such an emotion would have destroyed him Cholly acts on an impulse of desire, wanting to gain the same satisfaction that he receives from intercourse with Pauline.Even before his birth, Cholly Breedlove has felt the vicious sting of loneliness. Cholly Breedlove was born to a young mother who, after four days of life, discarded him in "the rim of a tire under a soft black Georgia sky" ().

His father decided to leave his mother even before Cholly was born.4/4(1). Cholly is impulsive, always doing what he wants and what makes him happy. When Pecola is to board with the MacTeers, Mrs.

MacTeer, explaining Pecola’s situation, says that “old Dog Breedlove had burned up his house, gone inside his wife’s head, and everybody, as a result, was outdoors” (). Pecola Breedlove, Cholly Breedlove, and Pauline Breedlove are such characters that search for their identity through others that has influenced them and by the lifestyles that they have.

First, Pecola Breedlove struggles to get accepted into society due to the beauty factor that the norm has. Authors Note: This paper being submitted for American Literature as a final project on June 19, Analytical Essay The main characters in The Bluest Eye by Toni. Cholly defines himself as a "free man" because not only does he function on the periphery of society as other blacks are expected to, but he also lives outside the society of the black community and is the constant source of their gossip.

The Bluest Eye

The Real Cholly Breedlove Essay Sample In Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, one of the main characters, Cholly Breedlove, can be examined through a Freudian psychoanalytic lens, as he struggles with things like the structure of his .

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