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The Environment Cultural identity can be defined as our sense of belonging to a particular culture or ethnic group. The mothers, who are usually shown cooking or otherwise working with food, come to terms with this future through food.

Quoted in McClain Part of Issue 7published in September The preparation of these meals is a symbol of continuity of culture, as are her attempts to teach her daughters. University of Texas, In this sense, food is a way to add authenticity. Paxton expects her daughter to conform.

By doing research on professional female players, Mrs. Paxton also learns that there is at least one who is married with a baby. She does this literally through the use of food.

The movie deals with a variety of themes by showing Jess to have a desperate want of playing football against the wish of her parents who want her to finish her education, learn to cook proper Indian meals and settle down by marrying a nice Indian boy.

Jess managed to leave the wedding to play a match in front of an American scout and has been offered a full scholarship to play college soccer in California.

This scene shows the family being proud of their culture and religion. The title of the film cues the viewer in to the tension between Mrs. The way the group mostly women is arranged around Jess is reminiscent of earlier party scenes. Her father is the first to accept this fact.

All sorts of condiment and spice bottles are arranged on the table like players on a soccer field. Paxton is a less daunting obstacle to Jules, but her actions show how the conflict over soccer is starting to alienate her from her daughter. Despite cultural differences, Jess and Jules both find themselves in a situation where their mothers do not approve of their dedication to playing sports.

Do you want a clean shaven boy like you sister or a proper Sikh with a full beard and a tu Jules enters and sees her father teaching her mother the rules of the game, and notices that her mother has read a stack of magazines about soccer.

Because this film is a comedy, the final results are happy: Though it is only half of the actual problem, it is a good beginning to its resolution. Jess is seated on the couch, her parents looming over her. She finally is willing to let her daughter go after she is certain that Jess is able to continue her Indian heritage as symbolized by Indian cuisine.

According to feminist philosopher Uma Narayan, cooking is especially emblematic of Indian culture, therefore a proper Indian woman should know how to cook.

However, because the protagonist is part of a traditional Indian family, food plays an important role in the film. Paxton overhears them as she brings up a tray of tea and cheese. Jesminder accepts her invitation and joins the team despite the wishes of her mother.

When she brings soccer into the kitchen as an assertion of her own identity, it can be interpreted as a threat to her culture.

Bend It Like Beckham: Ethnic Identity and Integration

Tea, like any other meal, offers a chance for people to sit down, talk, and come to understand each other. Paxton jumps to a conclusion and is so horrified that she cannot begin to conceive talking to her daughter about it. She has created a new identity that is an amalgam of Indian and British culture.

In one scene, Jess goes to the Paxton house to talk to Jules. Jess suddenly has so much to lose that she explains her opportunity to her family, especially her mother. She begs them to understand that playing soccer makes her happy.

Timothy Shary and Alexandra Seibel.Bend it like Beckham portrays cultural identity as a source of both comfort and conflict. This is shown by a series of language and film techniques for example camera shots, soundtracks, clothing, celebrations and language use.

Bend It Like Beckham: Ethnic Identity and Integration Alberto Bisin, Eleonora Patacchini, Thierry Verdier, Yves Zenou. NBER Working Paper No. Issued in October NBER Program(s):Political Economy We propose a theoretical framework to study the determinants of ethnic and religious identity along two distinct motivational processes.

Bend It Like Beckham is a film that covers important issues about different cultures existing together and about minority culture in the western world. The film is about two girls, Jessminder Kaur Bhamra (Jess) and Juliette Paxton (Jules) living in. Identity in Bend it Like Beckham Justification A sense of belonging Becoming more aware of sexuality By Lachlan Wasson A persons identity is about how we see ourselves, and how we perceive others to see us and continually changes as we grow and experience new things.

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Over the years, there have been many stereotypes and labels put on Indians. A movie called Bend It Like Beckham was released in and it touched upon many of these assumptions. Essay about Conflict of Cultures in the film Bend It Like Beckham.

Words 5 Pages. Race and Gender Identity in the Movie ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ SCL - Gender and Culture Research Paper Zairen Tasnin 11 April Word Count: 1, Gurinder Chadha is a British filmmaker who wrote, directed and produced the movie Bend it Like.

Bend it like beckham identity essay
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