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People may also experience Anthrax research paper, hematemesis and extreme chest pain that is compared to that of a heart attack. Signs of GI infection normally manifest within days of ingestion and include expected abdominal symptoms nausea, vomiting, pain and diarrhea as well as abnormalities on CT scans and X-rays, ascites swelling and tightness due to fluid in the abdomen and hematemesis vomiting blood.

Symptoms begin rapidly and abruptly, usually within days of exposure. Death can result within days of the onset of these symptoms if not treated. The bacterium was discovered in by German physician Robert Koch.

Although the temperature variation had no significant influence on the Anthrax research paper of anthrax spore, rainfall was found to be significant. Some animals such as birds, dogs, cats, and swine are very resistant to the bacteria.

The United Nations Special Commission UNSCOM has discovered several factors indicating that forces in Iraq have been conducting tests and making preparations to use anthrax as a biological warfare agent e. They may also be found in the feces of certain animals including horses, deer, cows, sheep and goats as well as animal products such as hide and wool.

The mean pH of anthrax positive soil was weakly acidic 6. It is the result of eating contaminated meat, or infected meat that is not properly prepared.

During the disease outbreak period May and June the average temperature of this area was 32 0 C and the average rainfall was mm and 90 mm, respectively.

As the Military Vaccine Agency points out, these spores can travel through the air for hundreds of miles, and any country with basic pharmacologic intelligence has the capability to produce bacillus anthracis.

Endospores were extracted from soil and the Bacillus anthracis was identified using conventional bacteriological, biochemical and sensitivity test against Penicillin-G.

There are three types of anthrax infection. Moisture content, pH, calcium and organic carbon contents of the soils were measured and the values of the endospore positive samples ranged from 6.

Koch grew cultures of the anthrax bacteria and injected it into healthy animals to prove that it in fact was the cause of the disease. It is most common in agricultural areas where there is a large population of animals that have not been vaccinated.

This triggered 22 cases of cutaneous and inhalational infection which resulted in 5 deaths. If terrorists were to release anthrax spores in larger quantities, the result would likely be an infection and fatality rate of catastrophic proportion.

Later, Louis Pasteur used compromised anthrax bacteria to develop a vaccine for the disease that was proven to be successful in animals. The process would be similar to that of an aerosol released from an aircraft, however the effects would be detrimental.

Probably the primary reason for the fatal outcome of this type of infection is that its symptoms mimic the flu.

The second type of infection, gastrointestinal, is much less common but slightly more deadly. The vaccine is administered in six doses In humans, infection is most commonly found when there is a high rate of exposure to animals or animal products.

Once the spores enter a susceptible individual or animalthey have the ability to germinate and form the active, disease-causing bacteria.

A total of 48 soil samples were collected from the study area during January to November This type can also occur, as we witnessed inif someone intentionally releases a large number of spores into an environment where they will be transmitted by skin contact, such as the postal system although the majority of infections in this case were inhalation infection, which will be covered later.

Cutaneous infection usually comes from handling infected animals or animal products where spores are transferred into cuts Anthrax research paper skin abrasions. Investigation into Bacillus anthracis Spore in Soil and Analysis of Environmental Parameters Related to Repeated Anthrax Outbreak in Sirajganj, Bangladesh The study was conducted for the isolation and detection of Bacillus anthracis spores from soil collected from Sirajganj district a northwestern district of Bangladeshand to assess the parameters that may relate to the repeated anthrax Inhalational infection occurs when a large number of spores, at least toare inhaled and remain in the respiratory system.Veterinary Medicine, Papers, Zoonosis, Anthrax Factors associated with repeated outbreak of anthrax in Bangladesh: qualitative and quantitative study Anthrax, caused by Bacillus anthracis is an acute, febrile disease of warm blooded animals including humans.

Research Papers words ( pages) Anthrax Essay - ANTHRAX One of the most important responsibilities a Secretary of Defense has is to make sure the United States’ military members are protected as much as possible from any type of harm.

Hansens disease research paper  Hansen's disease, which is also known as leprosy, is a chronic infectious disease caused by the bacteria mycobacterium leprae. Before the germ was discovered, the bible discussed leprosy and it was believed to be a condition brought to those who were sinful.

Anthrax Bacillus Anthracis Anthrax is a bacterial disease caused by bacillus anthracis, a large, gram-positive, rod-shaped bacterium.

The bacterium was discovered in by German physician Robert Koch.4/4(1). Research Papers words | ( pages) | Preview Biological Warfare in Africa during the ’s and ’s - Biological Warfare in Africa during the ’s and ’s Throughout my research in many different books, reports on Biological warfare in Africa during the ’s and ’s, I have found a number of things.

Anthrax is a communicable disease, you usually get it from infected animals. There are three primary pathways for anthrax to get to you. There is Cutaneous anthrax, Inhalation anthrax, and Gastrointestinal anthrax.

Anthrax research paper
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