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I was nervous because I did not have a clear idea of what to write about but after looking over at the prompts and each tale I found a connection between Beauty and Donkeyskin. I did enjoy the RIP more because I got to play as if I was a critic and discover different ways to find how the movie portrays its message.

Besides Cinderella and other fairytales, I know the skills I have gained in the course will help me move on to a better career when I want to voice my opinion to a specific target. I continue through the path of Cinderella because of the persona connection of the message to remain humble through all situations.

During office hours Professor Way helped me understand the differences in both types of tones and how I should voice my own opinion in the RIP but remain consistent to my writing to fit in Variety.

I know that participating can make me understand my thoughts better in class and that is what I am trying to work on myself to develop my verbal skills. For the future I would like to use the technique we used in class, free write, because its always scary to start writing an essay but with the free write it was helpful to get a starter on basic thoughts.

Professor Way has taught us that a paragraph needs to start with one idea, gradually explain the idea, and end with the purpose of that idea to the overall of an essay. My main struggle was trying to find the tone of the review because I was moving towards the analytical style but that did not fit into my project.

I feel that writing a thesis in the helps you clarify your sub points and make sure there is an order and connection throughout the essay. I was able to do both by showing my excitement and personality in my writing but strictly talking about movie elements.

I remember saying all I knew about fairytales was that there was a Princess, a Prince, and a happy ending. For a future writing assignment, I will first have my well-taken notes, an outline of my essay, a free write, and construct various drafts.

I wanted to focus on the costumes, set design, music, and direction. If I have my notes organized in such way, when it comes to writing an exercise I already have the analysis, my opinion, evidence, the message, all its left is for me to fit it in with the prompt.

They advised me to stay away from making a summary or an analysis of the film and look for more models. I have develop a new way to start my writing process and that is by first writing about my points in an argument, find evidence, and lastly write a thesis.

I plan to take what I have learned into Writing 39C and beyond my other writing courses to continue to improve my writing. My major is Psychology and Social Behavior, specifically focused within Psychopathology and writing about case studies in patients needs to be particularly specific to an audience and purpose.

I used to think that a revision consisted to grammar mistakes and making sure there was a correct message, however I have learned that revision is focused on helping the person construct their own message by making sure there is a rhetorical significance to the an argument.

The process through the RIP was more observing the film itself and and taking notes of other models in Variety. I was able to contact my group peers faster and we helped each other throughout the RIP process. My partners Lesly Lozano and Ashley Arellano helped me see how them as audience would respond to the project.

Rhetors in Context, Peer Review for R.

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Introduction The first day of class I had absolutely no idea what the word rhetoric meant and I was frightened by not understanding how I would be able to apply it to the class.

After much consideration I choose to review the new Cinderella film released in because my RA was partly on Donkeyskin and I was familiar with the tale because we read various versions of Cinderella in class.

The revision process through the RIP was more efficient and I received better feedback because it was my group we got to know each other better.

When I gave feedback the first thing that I look for is an argument along with the message and I have applied it to my writing as well to make my writing stronger. Once I had the understanding of the film and its elements, I had to practice constructing a review.

The Anteater's Guide to Writing and Rhetoric 6th edition

Whether it was finding the message in the RA or creating a message in the RIP, I felt confident in collaborating it with other conventions. It allowed me to practice my speaking skills while trying to demonstrate my idea, and I my classmates helped me understand that my RIP needed to involve more genre conventions of Cinderella.

My rough drafts did increase drastically each time because I understood better the text and was able to build an argument. The RIP exercises guided me to find my own opinion and myself through my writing. Without it, the movie would not have such an effect on the message. Drafting the essay I experienced frustration because I felt that at times my ideas did not have enough support or they lacked deeper analysis.

It saves more time and makes it easier and less hectic to write the essay. The RIP Presentations was frightening to me but in the end I felt accomplished that I was able to present my ideas and get feedback.

When I first started working on the RIP, I switched from different ideas constantly but I was sure I wanted to write a review because I felt like it was a form to show my writing skills through a different writing process.

Message and Audience, CR Exercise 2: Sometimes we over look the little details that shape the purpose of a film. In regards to the text itself, before my notes consisted of a summary of what the story was about.the anteaters guide to writing and rhetoric kat eason on amazoncom free Page 1.

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Anteaters guide to writing and rhetoric pdf995
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