An introduction to the comparison of hinduism and christianity

A female more evil than a male, etc. He has revealed truths about Himself. Fourth, you find Jesus Christ the western savior. Since, they are the Supreme Being and have power over everything in the universe[footnoteRef: Where would the world be without those things?

There are just many problems with the doctrine of transmigration. For example, in our community we have done a number of schools throughout India and these schools are helping to liberate people from ignorance, which Hinduism never would teach these people.

Many people have attained highest levels of spiritual realization, faith and beatitude through the practice of Christianity. Christ died on the cross for your sins.

Comparison grid between Hinduism and Christian doctrine

There is no vicarious suffering. Both religions believe in one Supreme God, who is invisible and can be passionately concerned with humankind[footnoteRef: Therefore, if you see even this child suffering, it is because they deserve it, from a previous lifetime.

Transmigration does not solve the problem of evil because it is based on the impersonal law of karma.

Comparative religion

In that sense, they say transmigration solves the problem of evil. There is no way that anyone can do something for you redemptively. Schools of Hinduism believe that the atman will eventually be manifested into the world system again, making the accumulation of karmic debt possible, and thus the need to be released from the wheel of samsara all over again.

That is the good news of the Gospel. Out of the three major Abrahamic faiths, Christianity and Judaism are the two religions that diverge the most in theology and practice.

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Christianity and Hinduism

Implication of the differences and similarities to the human prayer and worship The similarities in this case indicate that people from both religions have to worship there God. These are some examples. A bird has dignity because it is doing exactly what God created it to do.

I am a big believer in building bridges with Hindus.

Christianity Compared to Hinduism&nbspEssay

In the avatar world, there are many incarnations, both human and non-human. The histories of Hinduism dates back about years ago, and still exist. Hindus understand the creation of the universe as periodically created and recreated.

There are not multiple ways of salvation. Yet our lives are constantly enriched by acts of mercy, forgiveness and grace which we bestow on one another. Whereas, in the Bible Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world, Jesus paid the debt which we could never pay.

It lacks design, has no real purpose. This is not a problem in Hindu theology because according to Hinduism, anyone who is suffering is simply paying for the karma of a previous lifetime.

For example, incarnation is once in the history of the world. I will begin with noting the seven major differences between Christianity and Hinduism.

They are differences between Christianity and Hinduism when it comes to their traditions, and they are similarities that exist between the two religions Wolfe India has been exposed to a wide range of views regarding Christianity; and how we respond to them is largely tied to many, many great centuries of tradition that perhaps precede us and inform them in ways that we cannot imagine.

But if you know Hinduism and you were attentive in our discussions about Vishnu and Shiva, especially Vishnu, there is great emphasis on how Vishnu has incarnated himself multiple times in multiple places.

There are so many major differences between avatar and incarnation, that I have found it is best to keep the two terms completely separate. In Christian world God does not have any wife neither do the three persons in the trinity have wives Wolfe Hinduism and Christianity essaysAll religions seek the same truth.

They all try to help man understand his place in this confusing and often tragic world. Followers search for the answers to life's questions in the comforts of faith in a particular religion, but how those religions provide for.

The fourth major difference between Christianity and Hinduism is of course found in the uniqueness of the Gospel and the multiple paths of Hinduism. As we have seen in these lectures, Hinduism accepts many paths to God. INTRODUCTION The comparative analysis presented in this term paper is really focused on two religions namely Hinduism and Christianity, beca.

Comparative religion is the branch of the study of religions concerned with the systematic comparison of the doctrines and practices of the world's religions.

Hinduism and Christianity: An Experience and a Comparison - Research Paper Example

In general the comparative study of religion yields a deeper understanding of the fundamental philosophical concerns of religion such as ethics, metaphysics, and the nature and. Christianity and Hinduism Term Paper or Essay - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free.

This is a term paper of 2 religions hinduism and christianity. This paper will give an analytic comparison of these religions Download at killarney10mile.com3/5(2). A chart comparing and contrasting the basic teachings of Christianity and Hinduism on several central issues.

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An introduction to the comparison of hinduism and christianity
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