An analysis of the topic of maquilas and the way to a mexico recovery

On January 1st,there were 2, maquiladoras. What is a Maquiladora in Mexico?

Prices remain reasonable at levels slightly below comparable U. Fair Trade Stores An indirect way to help the border situation is to simply not buy products produced by maquiladora-owning companies. Some companies choose to use a contract manufacturer, if they can find a reliable one.

Alternatives The profit associated with moving production to Mexico depends on the balance between labor cost reduction, tariff and transportation costs and the fixed cost of the move. The process of filing a petition with the NACEC is a long and complicated process that involves multiple reviews of the submission by the Secretariat as well as an opportunity for the offending party to comment on the situation, which is a process that can be completed in an unlimited amount of time.

Productivity is high if management learns how to effectively deal with the Mexican laborer. Strategies Organization of communities and groups With so many people in border towns who are affected by the maquiladoras, there has to be a method of organizing groups into a more powerful force in order to bring about a more efficient campaign.

The client now has a maquiladora in Mexico, and has avoided the myriad of challenges related to cultural differences, employee management and compensation policies, accounting and payment of taxes, and compliance with local and federal laws and regulations.

However, the problem remains the same, the unstableness, the overexploitation and the abuses that occur in these factories. Labor This is the reason companies come to Mexico. Terms that are synonymous with Maquiladoras include: The shelter firm can also complete all border crossing documentation, U.

As such, a maquiladora in Mexico, and especially Tijuana, has advantages. Global exchange, along with other non-profit organizations, owns several fair trade stores where consumers can be assured that they are not contributing to the horrible working conditions of the maquiladoras.

The bank holds the title, while all benefits of ownership are retained by the foreign owner. In the 41 months since Julythe industry has recuperated in generaljobs.

What is a Maquiladora in Mexico?

Petitions One way for Mexican citizens to speak out against environmental hazards is to file a petition through the NACEC against the offending corporation. Maquiladoras are generally owned by non-Mexican corporations that take advantage of low-cost Mexican labor, advantageous tariff regulations, and close proximity to U.

The rate is based on a 48 hour work week. This is one percentage point less than the participation of women at the national level.

Southbound, the Mexican government allows duty-free imports of all materials and machinery needed for the plant. Once the client chooses a building, the shelter firm leases it for them, and takes care of all of the real estate transactions, permits and legal work necessary to acquire and operate in the facility.

The Maquiladora Industry

Nevertheless, eight months before, in Octoberthere began a process of closing of maquiladoras and slowdown of production that by the way was anticipated by a couple of months by the beginning of a slowdown of the U.

Under the traditional shelter, the U. Productivity often exceeds the U. The right choice depends on U. From this date began a decline which reached its lowest point in Julywhen there were only 1, jobs.

Something similar occurred with respect to the number of factories. As the size of the operation grows, the wholly owned subsidiary becomes the most economically attractive way to enter into Mexico.

One reason of this fact is the predominance in the norther border of maquiladora jobs in the auto industry and other companies of heavy manufacturing which employ more men than women.Maquilas must find a way to manufacturing irrespective of labor, the article also emphasizes the fact that Mexico has traditionally relied on relatively low-wage labor as a strategic advantage; however, the emergence of China and other low-wage countries has caused maquiladoras to rethink their strategic position, in some intances by shifting 80%(5).

The Maquilas in Mexico: A Global Perspective Author(s): Leslie Sklair Society for Latin American Studies Pergamon Press Ltd The Maquilas in Mexico: a Global Perspective1 LESLIE SKLAIR The framework of this analysis is an evolving sociology of the global system.

The most direct way is: The INEGI statistics allow us to note that women workers in the border States represent % of the total of workers in the region. This is one percentage point less than the participation of women at the national level. LOSSES AND RECOVERY OF JOBS IN THE MAQUILADORAS.

In JuneMexico reached its. As such, a maquiladora in Mexico, and especially Tijuana, has advantages. Although the quickest and simplest way to establish a Mexican maquiladora, how this system works is misunderstood.

“Corporate shelters allow manufacturing firms to establish a maquiladora in Mexico without actually owning a Mexican business. Maquiladoras and the US analysis. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers.

The overall effect of NAFTA on the U.S. economy has been relatively small, primarily because two-way trade with Mexico amounts to less than three.

Maquila Program Overview

Maquiladora Health and Safety Support Network: A volunteer network of over occupational and safety professionals from the United States, Mexico, and Canada who are part of a resource to provide information and assistance regarding the maquiladoras.

An analysis of the topic of maquilas and the way to a mexico recovery
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