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The majority of parenting happens in a domestic sphere, not in a public sphere with deep feelings attached to it. Both she and her Jewish husband are the professors of Yale Law University. Chua exaggerated this claim in an effort to truly make her argument. Chua uses the Dito Simpliciter fallacy when she implies that Chinese moms are superior and western parents are soft on their children, thereby producing mediocre children.

After I became a parent, I have come to learn how difficult it is to walk the talk: She adds that the book "was therapy for me at the time of a great defeat". In the Financial TimesIsabel Berwick called the "tiger mother" approach to parenting "the exact opposite of everything that the Western liberal holds dear".

Reviews[ edit ] The Wall Street Journal article generated a huge response, both positive and negative. For example, it is great that Amy Chua spends a considerable amount of time teaching her child to play piano. Put differently, the main difference between the two parenting approaches stems from the contrastive ways each parent perceives childhood, albeit both parents sharing the common ultimate motives and visions: By not following her methods, parents will simply have to settle for mediocre children.

Request the removal of this essay People also read. If my children end up doing something they truly love and they are happy doing it, I will consider myself successful. Her parents went to the United States while they were still graduate students and has no money.

In many instances, this adage could be true, especially in families where parents choose leisure, curricular or co-curricular activities for their kids. Little input is allowed from the child. She is of the belief that her children must spend their lives making her proud and obeying her.

There are so many instances that modern parents would disagree with Amy Chua. As to me, telling about my parenting as vividly as Chua would be as embarrassing as being naked; it reveals who I really am. In fact, Chua has stated that the book was not a "how-to" manual but a self-mocking memoir.

Sad, but not always the case. This is a very general statement incorporating all Chinese mothers into that comment. The Chinese method of parenting appears to be far tougher on children.

All we can do is what we think is the best for our children, and Chua seems to have done it.

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Foremost, I admire her determination to stick to her principle and her consistency in her parenting style, as she strives to live up to her own expectations and aspirations as Tiger Mom.

I do believe that is true. Western mothers or Western literature on the subject, on the other hand, believe in the importance of childhood in itself and the process of learning, while recognizing the purpose in free play and other developmentally appropriate activities.

She does state that no matter what anybody thinks, her actions are based on love of her children and wanting the very best future for them.

My confession can go on forever. Amy Chua has two daughters Sophia and Louisa. When my son voiced his interests in reading the entire book, however, I was bewildered.

Being a Chinese mother does not always equate to superior children. To begin with, Amy Chua uses the testimonial technique. When parents spend time with their children and are involved in their activities, it is almost always a good thing.

Strict, Controversial Parenting Style Leads to Death Threats for 'Tiger Mother' Amy Chua

While the book reveals the Chinese way of authoritative parenting and the enormous energy and discipline required to raise prodigies, it is more a memoir filled with wit, humor and humaneness, as Chua allows us to look behind the closed door without any reservation.

Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. In her book, Chua is advocating for a rigorous approach to activities, for example, children taking their time to learn musical instrument. Then, what made my son say that we are alike?

We will write it for you from scratch! If the children are used to it, like her daughters, it may work. But, hours upon hours of practice, with no water or bathroom breaks, borders on child abuse. Therefore, the focus should shift to kids and their success in life rather than parents.

Response to Amy Chuas Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

One could easily argue that Ms. This is a very general statement and not entirely accurate.Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is a book by American author and lawyer Amy Chua that was published in It quickly popularized the concept and term "tiger mother" while also becoming the inspiration [citation needed] for the Singaporean TV show Tiger Mum, the mainland Chinese drama Tiger Mom, and the Hong Kong series Tiger Mom Blues.

An exclusive excerpt from Amy Chua's "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother." Dow Jones, a News Corp company News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news. Amy Chua is an American author of Chinese origin. Her parents went to the United States while they were still graduate students and has no money.

The Everlasting Bond between a Mother and a Daughter Essay Words | 5 Pages. more enduring than a mother- daughter relationship. This bond is specifically explored in the books, The Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother by Amy Chua and The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.

Chua refers herself as Tiger Mother as she was born in the Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar.

She also writes that the people born in the Year of the Tiger are known to be noble, fearless, powerful, authoritative and magnetic. Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior By AMY CHUA Erin Patrice O'Brien The Wall Street Journal January 8, Amy Chua with her daughters, Louisa and Sophia, at their home in New Haven, Conn.

respectful to my mother, my father angrily called me "garbage" in our native Hokkien dialect. It.

Amy chua tiger mother essay
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