A journey to sajek

Sajek valley is one of the most attractive holiday destinations for tourists all over the world. The valley is surrounded by mountains, dense forest, grasslands hilly tracks. We arranged a meeting with all our employees including our boss.

Though there was so few cloud.

Sajek Valley

Then the main thrill begins. There is no plenty of hotels and resorts in Sajek. Click here for promotion tips. Wasif Anowar November 17, At Army escort us to Dhighinala. As the Sajek is hilly area, good gripped boot are good for trekking. The final 8 km up to Sajek was the most challenging as you really needed to climb a huge gradient from the bottom of the hill you could see the top of the hotel which you needed to climb.

The weather of Sajek is also dramatic. Drinking water is bit costly and not much available in Sajek. Sajek is an excellent tourist spot at Baghaichari Upazila in Rangamati District. After you have finally reached the picturesque destination, you will feel a heightened sense of excitement.

If the number of tourists is bigger it is wise to hire jeeps. Be sure to buy water bottles from local bazar. The roads were different; there were grip but lots of hill climbing. The bus has to take almost degree turn after 1 to 5 minutes in the full journey. Then from diginala cantonment we will get border guard bangaldesh escort for our security and finally at It is situated among the hills kasalong range of mountains.

The road was so vertical and sloping.


We will start our actual journey to Sajek by hired Jeep. Nature of Sajek Valley Sajek valley is famous for its scenic natural beauty.

If you have photos, descriptions, contact information, social media handles, etc. It has all the advantages mentioned above, plus users to your site can conveniently access it directly on your site. Transportation cost could be a bit tricky here.8 AM: Journey to Sajek Valley by Chander Gari.

10 AM: On the way, Hazachora waterfall will be visited. 1 PM: Reached at Sajek Valley and check into the resort. 2 PM: Lunch will be served at a local restaurant with standard Bengali menu at Sajek Valley. 4 PM: Visiting Konglok Para.

6. Runmoy Resort, Sajek Resort, Alo Resort, Ruilui Para Club House, MeghMachang, these are some hotels to stay. Hotels in Sajek are expensive than usual but then, you have to compromise something to get better of a memorable journey.

Aug 14,  · Sajek is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh. Perfect place for nature lovers and explorers. Sajek valley is famous for its natural beauty.

The valley is surrounded by mountains, dense forest, grasslands hilly tracks.5/5(73). Most of the travelers that visited Sajek recommended carrying Robi SIM to get connected in Sajek.

Drinking water is bit costly and not much available in Sajek. It is better idea to take bottled water from Khagracchari before starting journey. If you want a adventurous journey with mind blowing scenery you must have visit Sajek.

The journey by 'Chander gari' would be one of your most memorable journey I can bet! A must visit place in BD. The name of Sajek Valley came from Sajek River that originates from Karnafuli river. Sajek river is works as a border between Bangladesh and India. Sajek valley resort are made on the side of the hill to provide unique experience of tribal lifestyle.

Sajek valley is famous for its natural beauty.

A journey to sajek
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