A journey through the old testament by elmer towns

This fact becomes all the more plausible when one considers the immense variety that exists in the nature of the books that make up the Old Testament. God did not punish the righteous in Sodom Genesis I have spoken with many devout Christians that Love the Lord but each have come to a different conclusion about how to deal with chronology of the fall or Satan.

Consider this very teaching whereby Jesus compares the justice of man against the justice of God. When we read about Abraham and his great faith we marvel, and think how great Abraham was. Elmer Towns is a gifted Bible teacher and faithful preacher of the Word of God.

Elmer L. Towns Collection (11 vols.)

And though it may appear as though I am doctrinal nitpicking, these issues are of the utmost importance, and even a slight deviation from the letter can cause a major turn from sound doctrine. That leaves us with a God that has a very low opinion of man, in that our creation was nothing more than an afterthought.

Towns says it did. Towns, statements are not supported by Scripture, he writes as if assuming you are in agreement with his theological and philosophical views, not taking into consideration the different Christian views of doctrine. That is not the case at all, for the most part Dr.

A Journey Through the Old Testament Essay Sample

Towns is saying that God, the creator of all there is, was afraid that because one third of the angels had fallen into sin, that He would punish the others two thirds who remained faithful, by removing their free will or imprisoning them into perpetual servitude.

In fact, this theme is elucidated all the more through the very structure of A Journey Through the Old Testament: Leaders and students alike will be challenged to greater faithfulness and encouraged to seek God more deeply.

However, as I began to read more the errors in Christian doctrine, the eisegesis of scripture to get his point across, and the ignoring scripture altogether in order to make the book more readable, it opened my eyes to a more discerning understanding of that which we so cavalierly call Christian literature or study.

In that respect, the reader is sure to not only understand why someone is significant enough to be mentioned within this particular text, but also to understand what the meaning of those acts ultimately had for the contemporary regard for such a person, and his or her impact upon the general narrative told within the Bible.

The Events are still there, but now theological and literary issues seem to become secondary to the people for the reader.

A Journey Through the New Testament

Clearly, there is no justice in punishing the good angels because of the actions of the wicked, this statement do not harmonize with scripture, nor is it in harmony with the attributes of God as we know them.

He is the author of more than books. For example, there are at least six different chapters that are devoted to Abraham, and which details various aspects of his characterization from aspects of his faith to the nation with which he was charged by God to found.Excerpt from Book Review: Old Testament by Elemer L.

Towns the organization PDF book review Noble Attempt In many respects, Elmer Towns' non-fictional narrative, A Journey Through the Old testament: The Story of How God Developed His People in the Old Testament, serves as a helpful guide for correctly reading, and interpreting, the.

A Journey Through the New Testament: A Journey Through the Old Testament: The Story of How God Developed His People in the Old Testament by Elmer Towns () Elmer Towns. out of 5 stars 6. Paperback. $/5(11).

Foundational Doctrines of the Faith, Elmer L. Towns. A Journey Through the Old Testament, Elmer L.

Old Testament by Elemer L. Towns the&nbspBook Review

Towns. Submissions from PDF. Steps to Revitalize your Sunday School and Keep your Church Growing, Elmer L.

Towns. Submissions from PDF. Becoming a Leader, Elmer L. Towns. 4) Dr. Towns presumes that “A Journey through the Old Testament” provides a reading experience that has up to that point has not been addressed.

The Presentation: My first reaction to the imaginative way Dr. Elmer Towns presented the people of the Old Testament was astonishment.

A Journey Through The Old Testament The Story of how God Developed His People in the Old Testament Elmer L.

Towns Harcourt Brace Custom Publishers Harcourt Brace College Publishers. There have been many books written and published to survey, explain, and/or bring to light the Old Testament, but none more helpful to me than the review subject of this paper, the work of Dr.

Elmer L. Towns, entitled “A Journey Through the Old Testament”.

A journey through the old testament by elmer towns
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